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Our ever-changing economy means that we are all in career transition, whether we realize it or not. Today’s workplace requires a new way of thinking about our careers and a new way of developing and motivating our employees.

At Activ:8 Careers, this fuels our passion for finding career development strategies that create true partnership between organizations and employees, their most valuable assets.

We do this by defining and building strengths. We align talent with opportunities, even if that means, in some cases, helping them transition out of the organization. We transform change into a positive force, minimizes workplace disruption while increasing productivity and job satisfaction for all parties.


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We Love To Inspire New Career Thinking

Our calling is to create career development strategies for America’s workforce, so every person in every company can learn, evolve and prosper with their organization. We are dedicated to the support of individuals and teams, so that they can become engaged leaders and motivated innovators in some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the country.




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Forming Leaders People Will Follow

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We are about a month away from March’s Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association meeting where I will be speaking about a very important topic. Data now tells us that 63 per cent…

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5 Steps To Regaining The Lost Art of Career Exploration

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Most of us dread the process associated with a yearly performance review, and for good reason – it’s a lot of time, thought and stress without truly knowing if we’ll…

This Escape Room Experience to Your Organization!

False beliefs, misleading assumptions and self-doubt may be holding you or your team back from real success in the workplace. This interactive adventure brings out creative problem-solving ability, but you will also learn more about yourself and the skills you didn’t know you had through the funny metaphorical escape puzzles.


St. Louis Office: 314-966-3888 | 9000 Middlewood Ct.   |   St. Louis, MO 63127

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We focus on creating interactive sessions that will inspire, challenge and motivate members to engage in the workplace, shaping or reshaping their careers while adding value to the organization.

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