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“Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.” –Marva Collins

We Love It When Work Really Works


Gone are the days when a professional could just relax and “see what happens” in regards to advancing their career (much less protecting their job until retirement).

Successful professionals now embrace a “new norm” where investing in their own career development is expected and understood.

And career development is exactly what Activ:8 excels at, leading professionals and organizations to achieve success through good times, bad times, and times of change.

Since 2002, we have been committed to guiding individuals and organizations in developing plans to reach their professional goals, ultimately adding value to the organization and helping the individual attain career satisfaction. We don’t teach passive approaches to solve career obstacles. Our approach is about owning one’s career and its outcome, ultimately developing a collective workforce that increases productivity, values change, fosters collaboration, drives innovation, and creates a culture of success.


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Our History


When Activ:8 Careers first started, our focus was on coaching individuals experiencing career transition. We developed a unique approach to help clients go beyond simply transitioning, digging deeper into how they can measure each opportunity for fit, development and opportunity. Our engaged new hires knew then – and know now – how make a lasting impression and difference in their organization.

As they say, “success breeds success,” and clients who found our coaching services priceless during their time of transition eventually sought additional training to help develop in their current role. Within a short time, Activ:8 Careers was not only guiding  professionals to find their next career opportunity – we were helping them navigate the path they were on while employed.

Ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you we provided them with the tools and guidance to develop themselves, the organization, and their business.

Our Leader


Our founder, David Hults, is an Executive Coach, the author of five career books, a former career columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and a professional speaker who has led Corporate HR & Career Development for over three decades. While working in Corporate HR, he found far too many employees complain because they were not getting promoted, not getting a raise, or not feeling appreciated. But when asked what they were doing to change that outcome, there was little or nothing they were doing to “actively” change it. David is a firm believer that if you want something out of your career, you have to make it happen. Thus Activ:8 Careers was born.

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Our Local Vision


We believe in supporting local companies within our great city of St. Louis, and pride ourselves in giving back to our local community, be it through support groups, associations, universities, local newspapers, blogs, and more.

It’s this passion that led to us creating Job Shapers Network. Throughout our support of other career-minded groups in our area, it became apparent that we lacked a community focused on assisting in the development of professionals (outside of their own corporation, specifically). Our goal with Job Shapers Network is to empower professionals with the skills and strategies necessary to “shape” or “reshape” their careers. We help members succeed by focusing on directing their job, role and career growth – without abandoning the positive potential of one’s current organization.

The point of Job Shapers Network is for employees to participate in the growth of their own careers and the organization.

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