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In today’s ever-changing work culture and economy, there is a pressing need for organizations to help their employees develop professionally. It’s a proven fact that engaged professionals become more efficient in their job and breed innovation to help the organization compete more effectively in the market.

Think of it this way – after spending the time, energy and resources to hire the right individual, why wouldn’t you invest in helping them reach their career potential and become more productive?! Both the individual and organization benefit from focusing on individual career development. Here are 3 specific ways Activ:8 Careers can assist your organization in doing just that.

1. Employee Career Development

“Developing” an employee isn’t the same as “promoting” them. Some employees simply need a plan for developing their skill sets, making them an invaluable part of the organization. Activ:8 Careers is committed to creating an individualized action plan that aligns the employee’s goals with that of the organization.

2. Leadership Career Development

Too often the skill of managing others is overlooked, but the key to an overall healthy organization is found in leaders who know how to lead effectively. Activ:8 Careers is committed to developing your leaders through a comprehensive program. Job Shapers Leadership Development is a certified coaching program (read more here). We also tailor one-on-one coaching, assessments and tools to aid leaders in navigating their career so they can achieve their greatest potential.

3. Executive Enhanced Coaching

Every great leader benefits from a personal advocate and wise council. This confidential, one-on-one coaching service is customized for those at the executive level. Partnering with a personal coach outside the organization often leads to new strategies and approaches that build and enhance leadership strengths.

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