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Good News From

By June 9, 2010General

Society for Human Resource Management

In the HR Community, the word of the SHRM (of which I’m a member) is taken like gospel. They’ve proven over the over the years they can be trusted, and when their studies come out, people pay attention.

So it’s a good sign for those in the financial and health care sectors that the SHRM recently reported that employees in these fields should see pay increases this year – financial employees should see raises around 2.7%, and health care workers should see around a 2.2% raise. You can see the article in which this information was reported here.

Now, I know these aren’t HUGE numbers. But considering the economy, a lot of companies haven’t been able to give raises at all over the past few years! We should take this as good news, especially in St. Louis where these industries have a big footprint.