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Think You Might Be An Entrepreneur?

By June 10, 2010Career Planning

Remember that kid who was making chunks of change from his lemonade stand when he was 6, running his own lawn service at 16, and owned multiple businesses by 26? He’s proof that some people are born entrepreneurs. From day 1, they have a passion and seemingly natural knack for starting their own businesses and making them successful.

But what about the rest of us? Should the fact that you may not feel completely confident starting your own business keep you from doing so? Absolutely not. But what it DOES mean is that you should ask yourself some serious questions, and have an entrepreneurial plan-of-action.

I recommend checking out this article by Susan Ward. She explores 7 ways to find a good business idea, all of which have a rational foundation.

I’d love to hear what you entrepreneurs out there think of her ideas, as well as some of your own!