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What's Your Brand?

By June 14, 2010Career Planning

Whether we’re happy in our career or stepping into a new phase of it, we need to recognize what our own personal brand is.

Your brand is what makes you unique when compared to someone you’re competing with for a promotion or open position. You can develop your brand through your key success patterns, including compelling and powerful examples that are concise – and leave employers wanting more.

You need to ask yourself this question: “Where do I get energy throughout the day’s work – and why?” Uncovering what inspires you in a job is key to activating your career. I help my clients learn how to separate the duties that give them energy and those that drain the life out of them (be careful – you may discover that not everything you do well gives you energy).

When considering your brand, remember that no one wants to hire someone who says, “I just want to get my foot in the door.” You need to examine each of your key success patterns and develop clear and concise examples that you can use to support your statements in an interview. This strategy will position your brand as that of a valuable contributor – not a beggar.

Here’s an analogy. When companies are pitching against each other for a big new business win, would any of them ever plan on winning the account by saying, “We just want to get our foot in the door.”? No! They’d explain exactly what they can uniquely deliver, setting themselves apart from the competition. When you discover your key success patterns that make up you brand, you’ll be able to do the very same thing.

You need to draft, refine, and find the answer to the question that prospective employers will no doubt be asking themselves about you: “Why should I hire him/her?” Your brand is inherently tied to that answer.

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