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Reports Are Positive – But Are You?

By June 18, 2010News

As the previous post pointed to tech jobs being on the rise, this article/Gallup poll shows that things are looking up across the board from a job market standpoint. And yet, it also shows that people AREN’T optimistic about the market, or the economy in general:

The Gallup polling firm´s measures of consumer spending and job creation have hit some of their highest marks in nearly a year and a half. Ironically, Americans have recently expressed less, rather than more, confidence in the economy.

The $80/day reported spending is the highest reported since early 2009, and Gallup´s Job Creation Index has hit +8, meaning more workers say their employers are hiring rather than firing. Recent +8 and +9 measures are the highest since October 2008.

Research by the firm shows that consumer spending is related to job creation, but that confidence in the economy can reflect attitudes about politics and current events and isn’t highly connected to consumer spending.

So my question is this: how do you feel about the market? I’m not trying to start a political discussion here, but rather am wondering how reports like the above make you feel. More confident? Ambivalent? I want to know what YOU think!