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While I promise Career Str8 Talk won’t become a place where I’m always promoting my own services, I do often work on projects that I think will benefit those looking to make the most of their careers. Case in point: CareeReport.

CareeReport is my monthly newsletter that I send to clients, colleagues, friends, and those who have indicated to me that they want tips and ideas on how to better do what they love. Now, you may be wondering, “Isn’t that what you post on the blog?” In short, yes! However, CareeReport is a more filtered compilation of content, featuring one “Job News” article, one “Tools of the Trade” insight, one thought on “Career Networking”, and lastly, a “Job Life Line” – a personal testimony from one of my clients about what they’ve learned in their career journey.

Some of the content you’ll find in CareeReport will also be right here on the blog, but some of it won’t. I invite you to sign up to receive CareeReport – but even more so to share stories/links/articles with me that you think are CareeReport (or blog) worthy.

I’m working on July’s edition tonight, and am excited to hear your responses!