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Career Planning Advice For Women (And Men!)

By June 27, 2010Career Planning

I recently came across an article titled, “Career Planning For Women.” It lists some really insightful points to consider for your career plan – but the thing is, it’s great for men, too!

ALL of us need to do our homework on ourselves, understanding what we do best, what we love doing, and how those things meld into a career that fits us – as opposed to just trying to find “a job I can do.” The difference is huge.

Now, it’s understandable if you’re in a bind and desperately need income, you’re more likely to settle for that job you “can do”, even if it doesn’t fit you. However, once you get there, you’ll see what you’ve compromised.

Check out the article here, and let me know what you think (whether it’s here in the comments section, at Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, where some other good conversations have recently been going on). I am especially interested to hear the thoughts of those of you who may have settled on that “job I can do”, and your learnings from doing so.