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Dying & Thriving Careers

As technology, trends and the economy begin to affect today’s career landscape, it’s clear that some jobs are hot, and some are not.

Let’s start with Not Hot. This list, titled “The Ten Worst Jobs of 2010”, has a very fair approach to identifying jobs that don’t have the brightest future. Per the article, here’s how the list was compiled:

Comparing jobs across multiple industries, skill levels and salary ranges, the 2010 Jobs Rated report seeks to identify careers that offer the best combination of good health, low stress, a pleasant workplace, solid income and strong growth potential.

So what happens if your career is on the doomed list?

Get out ahead of it. It’s never too late to start anew. As a recent article in The San Francisco Chronicle (titled “Dying Careers and How To Survive Them”) points out, workers can still prosper by transferring skills to fast-growing occupations. The piece links to several of the Hot jobs I referenced earlier.

I recommend you check out the article. Discover what jobs are hot right now. Consider if any of the highlighted careers are a fit for you, even if you’re happy in your career, and what you’d have to do to go after them (secondary schooling, etc.).

It’s always smart to have a backup plan, even if you’re confident you’ll never need it!