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Hot Dogs, Resumes, & The New Frugality

The recession has made the marketplace as competitive as ever over the past couple years, which has led to some interesting approaches to setting oneself apart from the pack.

Take Scott Harrington.

After being laid off by a health care giant, Scott sent out hundreds of resumes, resulting in no bites. He knew he needed to meet decision makers face-to-face and sell himself. His idea? Setting up his own hot dog stand smack dab in the middle of a Chicago corporate hub, handing out resumes with hot dogs, showcasing his skills on hot dog stand signage, and hoping to make an impression (which he has no doubt done!).

You can read Scott’s story in the Chicago Sun Times here.

The article also features very interesting insights into the general public’s point-of-view on the recession.

Here’s a quick spoiler: they’re not convinced it’s over.

This has led to “The New Frugality”, defined per the article as cutting “back on spending by choosing less-expensive brands (71 percent), cutting back on cigarettes and alcohol (30 percent) or postponing getting married or having a baby (11 percent.)”

So how about you? Has The New Frugality found its way into your home? Have you seen any out-of-the-box thinking similar to Scott’s that has led to job search success?