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What Can These Guys Teach You About Career Development?

By July 18, 2010Career Planning

Lots – and not just because they have the training to MAKE you learn! These guys are Navy Seals, and as this Business Insider article proves, their 7 ideals translate beautifully to other avenues of life outside the military.

The Business Insider article relates it specifically to entrepreneurs, but you can definitely read it through a lens of career development and planning, as well.

Here are the top-line ideals – I recommend you read the full article for inspiration on how they translate from the military front-lines to those of the workplace.

1. Take Decisive Action

2. Fear Nothing

3. Seek Excellence, Not Fame

4. Lock and Load

5. Leave No Man Behind

6. Plan Your Mission, But Prepare To Pivot

7. Make Peace With Constant Chaos