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Career Detour: Keeping Yourself Open to a Variety of Careers

Last week I introduced the first of a series of posts titled “Career Detours.” This week’s detour may not sound like one at first, but trust me, that’s why it’s so dangerous. Many people think that keeping themselves open to a variety of jobs is a good idea because it means more opportunities. Wrong!

When applicants tell me that they aren’t sure what kind of career they really want, or that they “want to just see what’s out there,” I know we’ve got some work to do. Now more than ever, the job market is specialized. And unless you really buckle down and focus on what you want to do, you’ll never be able to utilize your key success patterns and either grow in your current career or find a new job doing what you love. Whether it’s developing a specific area of knowledge and expertise in an up-and-coming industry or locking in on a mature industry that isn’t going anywhere soon, you need to have your sites aimed somewhere.

So what do you think? Have any of you ever experienced being open to too many possibilities before?