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What's your "I quit" story?

By August 12, 2010General, News

It’s a fantasy anyone who’s found themself in a job they hate has had: quitting in style. Steven Slater has sure had his share of news over the past week over the way he quit working for jet blue. So has “Jenny” for the way she dropped the bomb on her employers (too bad it was a hoax!)

Now, I have to say that I don’t condone people quitting their job in a hateful way (even if it is warranted). Burning bridges is NEVER good for one’s career!

But what I WILL say is that I applaud anyone who walks away from a career they hate. My message is one of doing what you love and making your 8-hour workday work for you. How can you do that in a job you despise?!

So sometimes a little “quit” inspiration – even if it may not be appropriate professionally speaking – helps us think about whether or not we’re doing what we love. That being the case, I recommend you check out this list of  7 Awesome Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs. There are some really entertaining videos and pictures here.

So, let’s hear it, readers. Share your “I quit” story in the comments section below. I’m especially interested in hearing how it affected your career in the long run!