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Inspiration From My Alma Mater

By August 15, 2010Career Transition

I recently came upon a note about career transition from Benjamin Ola Akande, Ph.D., who serves as the dean of Webster University’s (my alma mater!) School of Business and Technology, and professor of Economics. He makes some very inspiring points about the importance of staying motivated and engaged, even if things are taking some time.

I definitely agree with his overall sentiment. I especially like his analogy of one’s outlook needing to be like that of a relief pitcher in baseball. He writes:

The relief pitchers are there, warming up, trying to stay sharp, focused and limber just in case they get the call. They throw pitch after pitch to the catcher who is warming them up. They don’t know when or even if they will be called to the mound. It could be any second, any minute or not for another few games. But they have to be ready in case today is their day and they must seize the moment whenever that call comes.

Closers know that they have to stay confident and continue to believe in their ability to get the job done once they are given their chance to shine. Yes, there is tremendous uncertainty and unfathomable pressure, yet they cannot allow any of it to distract them from the job they know is ahead of them. The call may come in the 8th or the 9th inning and when it comes it often comes with he game on the line. You face a crucial moment in your life. Are you going to gear up or give up.

I hope his message has you ready to grab the ball, wind up, and throw a strike at 100 mph!