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Are You Satisfied With Where You Work?

According to research conducted by The Survey Institute, 85 percent of American workers say they are satisfied with their current place of employment.

At first, that number sounds pretty good. But break that down into specifics, and there are some alarming figures. One-third of people polled do not believe that their current employer provides them with opportunities for career growth. Even more than that, a whopping two-thirds of workers surveyed say they don’t receive the necessary training that would prepare them for these opportunities. And more than half believe that they don’t receive adequate, regular feedback regarding their job performance.

While these red flags point toward inadequate employee support on behalf of American companies, the crux of the issue is this: It is still your responsibility, as the captain of your own career ship, to make sure you get what you need. You’ve got to actively take charge of your career, because nobody else is responsible for taking care of you but you.

Depending on what issues are holding you back, that could mean erasing the old, self-devaluing tapes that run in your head, or it could mean changing those behavior patterns that keep you stuck in a rut. No matter what, it means standing up for yourself, speaking up for yourself, and sometimes going outside the norm of how people interact with their employers. Remember, even though you may have a boss, when it comes to your career, you are the boss.

Source: Statistics provided by The Survey Institute.