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Beware of "Career Opportunity" Scams

Many years ago, before I started my first real career, I remember answering an ad for a management position. I accepted the interview, and as I walked into the room I found that the entire room was filled with other applicants for the same job. The recruiter entered the room and began telling us about this unbelievable opportunity to manage OUR OWN career by selling pots and pans!

Needless to say, the opportunity to be a manager was not what it seemed. Unfortunately, unethical companies pull moves like this all the time. It’s our job to do the research on these companies before ever even applying.

But a recent scam trend is even worse. Crooks out there are inviting people to upload their resumes, offering them fake jobs, and after getting their personal information, they take their money and ruin their credit. You can read more about the scam here.

Have you ever fallen prey to a scam? What advice do you have for avoiding them?

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