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Career Advice For Moving Ahead

Never assume that you know the path to career advancement. Each workplace has its own methods of progression, and each employer has his or her own views on how you fit into that. Some companies care about educational degrees a lot; at other companies, the higher-ups may not possess any advanced degrees. Try to learn about the education and work backgrounds of the people above you to get a sense of what your company looks for in its employees. (Don’t be afraid to just ask people about such things – people love to talk about themselves!)

Get your boss’ input up front. A mistake too many people make is drafting a career plan without including the feedback of their director. No matter what industry, everyone should talk about the required steps/ mentoring/schooling and ask the right-fit questions before spending a lot of time and energy on improving their careers by making moves that produce zero results.

Ask yourself the hard questions. This is something you should do with the help of your boss. At performance-review meetings, or even at one-on-one meetings you request with your boss, pose such questions as: Do I possess the behaviors, skills and attitude to take on more responsibility? What am I lacking? Do you think that I have reached my potential in the field?

These are some of the basics I recommend for career advancement. You can dig even deeper itno this topic in my book, “From Cornered To Corner Office.”