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A Real Life Job Fair Story I Want YOUR Thoughts On

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  • Tom Leith says:

    Hmmmm. It seems a job fair is a waste of time unless you go in wanting to talk to specific companies you already know will be there, so you gotta do the same prep you’d do for any other interview. Know the companies, know what sort of job title you want, And realize you’re going in the front door. Career fairs are probably not great for career changers.


  • Matt Reeves says:

    Regardless of how promising a career opportunity may seem at it’s onset, I think it’s really important to go into it with a positive outlook. If I were able to speak with this person I’d encourage them stop focusing on perceived shortcomings or reasons they won’t get the job, and focus more on their strengths and reasons why they’re the candidate employers are looking for.

  • David says:

    Thanks for the thoughts! Tom and Matt are right in that having a solid strategy going into a career opportunity and being positive are keys to success.