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Career Detour: Turning Your Job Search Over To Someone Else

First off, I’m not talking about career coaches here! What I’m talking about is giving your resume to a friend or acquaintance who will “pass it around to some people” in their company. The minute you do this, you lose control.

Try this: instead of having your friends send your resume out like a mailing campaign, ask them to introduce you to the right person, and you can bring your resume with you. You only get one shot at this – if they read the resume and draw the wrong conclusion, you won’t get a chance to change that first impression. It’s over!

The same thing can go for some recruiters. While some are quite helpful, you need to be aware that many companies don’t hire candidates who come from recruiters because that means that they have to pay an unplanned finder’s fee. Recruiters can be part of your marketing mix, but the important thing is for you to know your specific career target, target companies, and whom you want to speak with. You should be confident that with courage, accountability, and maybe a little career coaching, you can reach people on your own merits.