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Holiday Job Advice

By November 4, 2010General, News

Ahh, fall. The weather is cooling off, the leaves have changed color, and retailers nationwide are ALREADY putting up Holiday decorations. It seems the Holiday shopping season comes earlier every year. But if you’re in the market for a part-time or side-job during the Holidays, this is a good thing!

Even if you have a full time career, it’s likely the thought of picking up some side cash to help pay the Holiday bills has crossed your mind. If that’s you, I recommend checking out a blog post from Job Monkey titled 4 Tips for Finding Holiday Jobs. I think the post provides some good top-line advice:

1. Be open and flexible – Holiday hours definitely have high demands at certain times, and you’ll need to be ready to answer the call.

2. Have realistic expectations – the idea of making minimum wage may not jingle your bells, but it’s more than likely the reality.

3. Think outside the box – for example, assisting in customer service calls from home.

4. Start looking now – many employers have their Holiday positions filled by Thanksgiving, so get on it!

Again, I recommend you get more details connecting to each of the above tips here.

Now I’m curious – do any of you have experience working side jobs during the Holidays? What were your learnings?

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  • cheryl mueller says:


    Thanks for my first email from Activ8. I am working a part-time retail position this Christmas and I originally was hired to stay on after. This would give me some money after I go off unemployment in January. Since I am on unemployment there is no extra cash because unemployment subtracts from you unemployment check. The reason I took a part-time position was to be around people and get away from the job searching for a couple of hours a week and have some money going into social security funds. I am at a position where I am selling Picture Framing which at times I have been net working with the customers.

    The company and management where I am working is so miss run I don’t know how they stay in business. The employees here are treated pretty much like 2nd class. I have worked in retail at Christmas before and have not been treated like this before. Also unfortunantly the sales this year are down and for the past 2 weeks management is having to cut 20% of the staff hours. I would of loved to give notice and moved to another part-time position but I was informed that by quiting I would loose my unemployment.

    Look forward to your emails. Happy Holidays!


  • Edith says:

    David – I have applied for several retail jobs to earn extra cash in addition to my unemployment. You think job search is tough? Looking for part-time jobs is just as competitive as looking for full-time. I recently applied to a furniture store that has not opened, but are in the process of construction. I worked at the same store (the store has other locations) for four years, from 2002-2006, as a customer service representative and my performance was very satisfactory. I did an assessment test and other testing as well. This is something new and different from when I originally worked. Everything is online now. After I submitted my resume and completed the test, three days later I was rejected, which the email said, “Thank you for your interest in working for ___________________. Although your resume and credentials was impressive, there were more qualified candidates.” I know their inventory, computer system, policies and procedures, and furniture retail experience. What is that all about?

    Besides this part-time job, I applied at several companies and have not heard back. I’ll continue to apply but I’m not expecting to hear back very soon.

  • David says:

    Now days the old methods of applying online or mailing in your resume are not that effective. It used to be that after you applied you would at least have gotten a call but thats why you hear me talk about NETWORKING over and over agian. You now need more than experience and skill set. You have to connect with people on the inside that are willing to be your advocate. It doesn’t make any difference if its for a part time or full time position.

  • cheryl mueller says:

    Try applying at JC Penny’s. They are always hiring and do keep their better employees move them into full time work and promotions.

    This is not where I am working part time.

  • David says:

    Let’s walk in the door with a resume and ask if you can talk with someone. You might not get any face time but at least you can try and connect with the person at the front desk. At the same time you should be talking to your contacts/current network to see if they know of anyone inside of JC Penny that you could be introduced to. It’s all about making connections!

  • cheryl mueller says:


    I talked with an employee at JC Penny’s. Call first and see what the store manager’s schedule is that day or the next and his/her name. Walk in with your resume and ask to directly speak to him/her by name. The manager should give you a couple of minutes. Once in the store they have a system you can sign into with your resume and reference information. So bring everything with you and be prepared. Do some background search on the company also before you arrive.

    Good Luck

  • David says:

    Perfect set up for you Edith. Thanks Cheryl for making the call for Edith!
    Now your moving.


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