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Turn Holiday Get-Togethers Into Career Opportunities

It’s very possible that the title of this blog post alone made you uncomfortable. You may be thinking, “Who wants to be bothered at a Holiday party by someone trying to network?”

That’s understandable. But at the same time, you have to take advantage of good opportunities. And – when done correctly and naturally – Holiday get-togethers can be very positive experiences for people who are out of work.

I was inspired by an article I came across yesterday from Caroline Dowd-Higgins, the Director of Career & Professional Development at Indiana University Maurer School of Law. While you may not be technically “networking” with family and friends, you can definitely learn a lot about selling yourself without having to wait for others to share their opinion whether you want it or not. She writes:

Sometimes the best ideas are right under your nose so don’t discount the collective insight of family members that gather for holiday celebrations. Be sure to target relatives who will give you sincere and constructive feedback since there is nothing worse than a family member who imposes their career insight without really considering what you want.

Read the rest of the article here for several more insightful and helpful tips. And as always, I’d love to hear any success stories from any of you who have grown professionally via Holiday gatherings!

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