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Career Detour: Ineffective Networking

Now, I know I just told  you in my last post that Holiday get-togethers could lead to networking opportunities – but that’s if you know how to do it right!

First off, networking amongst friends and contacts and asking them, “Do you know of an opening?” will often leave you empty handed. This doesn’t position you as a valuable contributor. You need to make the correct impression on the right people, and to do that, you need a plan and a good introduction. You need to know what you want out of a networking meeting. Does the individual know what you want to cover when meeting? More importantly, when networking, are you directing the conversation?

Setting up expectations for the networking opportunity ahead of time is extremely important. Identifying the right individuals you need to talk with will be the key to your success! It makes a huge difference on how you conduct the networking opportunity, not to mention the results you’ll get. If done correctly, this one step can change your entire outcome!