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3 Tips To Keep Up Career Cheer This Holiday

A few blog posts ago I talked about seizing the opportunity to keep networking through the Holidays, specifically utilizing time with friends and family at Holiday get-togethers. But what are some other ways to keep up the career cheer?

I came across a great article today that pinpointed three specific things (read the whole article here).

1. Book those meetings now. As the article points out, while popular belief is that companies don’t interview and hire in December, that’s not true!

2. Get end-of-year feedback. If you’re currently employed, this is your chance to talk with your manager/boss about what you’re doing well and start off on the right foot progressing into 2011.

3. Review what’s working. Whether you’re employed or not, it’s important to focus on the positives. What have you done that’s led to better leads or successes over the past year? Identify and build upon them!

How about you – any thoughts on how to keep up the career cheer?