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"Why is everyone lucky except me?!"

The above sentiment is the subject of this article over at LateralAction.com, and for those of you who are looking for the next step in your career, it’s very likely you’ve said it yourself.

So why? Why do other people hear about an opening before you or “by chance” meet someone you didn’t? As the article suggests, it comes down to luck – and yet, the article ALSO points out that we can affect our luck. How? By building a better network.

As the author points out, others are often “lucky” because their network came through when yours didn’t. Now, I know I talk about networking all the time and you may be sick of it. But the reality is that creating a focused network is harder than it seems, and should therefore be taken very seriously into account!

The article has some really great ideas on how to fortify your network. I love the part where they talk about finding your “tribe” by going where people like you hang out, be it a coffee shop or an official organization. You’ll find people who think like you and have the same interests and career focus.

The hard part is getting outside your comfort zone and meeting new people who have no idea who you even are. This means you have to be really comfortable in your own skin. In other words, meeting new people will test whether or not you have a healthy self esteem. You need to be really full of yourself – but not in a bad way! What I mean by this is  you need to believe and know you have value that breeds confidence.

I often tell my clients to “Step into your truth.” Be confident. Know who you are and what you want. Think about how you feel when you meet people who have stepped into their truth: there is an overwhelming power you experience when they engage you. They don’t need to prove anything, so they don’t come across arrogant. They are frankly just BEING. And therefore, their ability to grow their network is remarkable.

If you are hesitating to step out and meet a stranger, then ask yourself this question: “Am I comfortable in my own skin?” Once you are, you’ll be in luck…