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3 Documents You NEED When Offered a Job

If you’ve been looking for employment for an extended amount of time, it’s easy to fall into the trap of accepting a desirable job offer with no questions asked. However, you cannot possibly make a good deal without obtaining three documents that will help you research the best deal for you. This is something I reinforce to my clients time and time again, and want to make sure you’re aware of, too!

1. You need the actual offer letter, not just the verbal.  It will give you the details of when you get paid after you start, whom you report to and a description of your expectations on the job.

2. A current job description of the position you are taking.  If you do not have this in writing, then how are you going to exceed their expectations on the job?!  The description helps determine how you will be reviewed and given a merit increase.

3. A detailed description of benefits/plans and when you qualify for each program.  You can’t necessarily change the benefits, but you do have options.  For example, if you don’t qualify for benefits for two months, you can ask for a sign-on bonus to pay for COBRA for two months.  Or what if you are already covered by insurance or by your spouse/partner’s insurance?  Aren’t you saving the company a lot of money by not taking the insurance?

So there you have it – three basic documents that make a big difference!