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What's Your Job Title Worth?

By January 9, 2011Closing The Deal

It’s always fun to talk about the happy side of job interviewing: getting an offer! But how do you know what you really deserve based on your job title? Sure, the hiring manager knows – but they want to know if YOU know your value in the market (and if you’re realistic). If you don’t, as nice as they may seem, you’ll likely get a lower offer than you’re worth.

It’s essential that you do some homework and know what other professionals with similar job responsibilities and expertise are making so you can back up your response after an offer is made.  There are a number of web sites that can give you this information, including:

There are also commercial research services you can contact, including:

  • 773-4SALARY
  • PinPoint Salary Services

One thing to keep in mind when you’re researching these sites: a lot of job titles cross over multiple professions.  For example, “Project Manager.”  There are project managers at I.T. companies, advertising agencies, construction companies, and more!  Make sure you’re matching your experiences with the job duties and responsibilities being described.

Any other resources you’ve used for salary comparison in the past?

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