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What Does U.S. Career Recovery Look Like Going Into 2011?

This is a good question every one of us should be asking – and this article from TIME is a very comprehensive “state of the union” of sorts for the job market going into the new year.

The article does a great job of delving into which companies/industries are growing their businesses, providing a good projection of what’s to come.

One of the key takeaways to me is that job seekers should have realistic expectations. Many of us want to move from career to career, but depending on your career target, you might want to consider filling in the gap with part time work while you stay in the hunt for the career you REALLY want. As mentioned in this recent Str8 Talk blog post, freelancing is also an option. I know this may be discouraging. It gets exhausting month after month trying to uncover opportunities. But remember: it wasn’t the hare that won the race!

As hard as it is, be patient and stay on task – a big part of which is staying aware of trends and the overall career landscape. This TIME article is a great place to start.