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Breaking Down Job Search Techniques

There’s no question about it: some search techniques simply work better than others. Richard Bolles, author of The Job Hunter’s Survival Guide, did a study on a variety of techniques and came to some very telling conclusions:

  • Only 7% of job seekers find success by mailing out resumes to potential employers. How much time do you spend doing that?! Is it more than 7% of your time?
  • Up to 10% find success through pursuing internet job postings.
  • 5-28% find success through private employment agencies or search firms.
  • 33% are successful when asking their network for job leads.
  • 47% find success by personally visiting a potential employer, whether they have a vacancy or not.
  • 69% find success from taking time to identify their career interest and where they want to work.
  • 70% reach their goal by working with others in a job club or networking group to identify a specific role (not “I can kind of do this or that”) and company targets.

And the #1 most successful approach?

  • 86% experience success when they do homework on themselves, taking inventory on all they have to offer and what they are specifically looking for in their career.

The problem is that most of us don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t know exactly how we can bring value to a job. That’s why so many of us need to do the homework mentioned in the approach above – we need to be confident that we can prove our worth. The secret is in HOW we work.  Our achievements only prove that we bring success when we are allowed to bring our unique style and approach to the workplace. When we can explain how what we do is unique, then and only then do we have a compelling message that will transform the way we network and create opportunities that we’d never get running after job openings. If you’re not sure how to start achieving this, career counseling or career coaching may need to come into play!