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I’m very excited to introduce the first of a new blog post series, “Networking Tips Anonymous”, in which an executive contact of mine (who happens to be the EVP of his/her company) provides 10 tips for you based on his/her past experiences with people eagerly pursuing a job or career change. Some may be familiar to you, others unexpected, but all of them are good career counseling! I’ll sprinkle all 10 out over the next month or so, but without further adieu, I give you our first entry…


You see a website. It looks like a place you’d like to work. You send an email to the CEO or the head of HR. Did you do yourself a favor? Maybe not. In my experience as the head of an office, I am contacted every day by people wanting to apply for a job. Even though our website has a place to apply through official channels, some brave souls will reach out directly to me and ask for an interview.

I recently got an email from a young man that began with this phrase: “I was looking at your website and found myself excited.” While it gave my irreverent side a good chuckle, it also gave me an impression of the person that was probably not the first impression he would have wanted to make. This sentence may have been the result of a language barrier or just an unfortunate choice of phrase, but it made me immediately see someone young, green and inexperienced at professional communications.

The Suggestion: Everyone has a friend or colleague who can read something and give suggestions or notice odd wording that you didn’t intend. Buy them lunch and ask them to read your copy before you send it. This is particularly useful, I think, if English isn’t your first language and you want to make sure you are using slang or casual phrases correctly.

Keep an eye out for Networking Tips Anonymous: #2 coming soon!

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