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On to the next tip in our Networking Tips Anonymous series! And for those of you asking – no, I won’t reveal their identity!


I once looked at a portfolio of a young applicant who had a typo on every piece of work she showed me, not to mention multiple obvious misspellings. The immediate conclusion for me was that this person, no matter their role, would be someone I could not count on for handling details, and may not really care about the quality and accuracy of her work. When I get an e-mail or letter that has the name of our company, my name, a key term in our industry, or something else misspelled or with a typo, I am immediately circumspect about the person’s ability to communicate. Grammar issues are almost as bad, but maybe a little easier to overlook.

The Suggestion: Find a writer or a friend whose editing you respect and have them read your communication before you send it. Make their changes, and don’t feel bad. Even great writers make mistakes that they overlook when reading their own work.

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  • I never thought the spelling was that important. But I have learned over time that, the details can be everything. I am involved in several business’s that either need the internet or totally depend on it.

  • David says:

    You’re right, Tom – never underestimate the details!