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Networking Tips Anonymous: Tip #3

Our corporate hiring decision maker is back with another tip on what NOT TO DO and what TO DO based on their experiences.


The worst e-mail mistake that I’ve seen – and the one that will get your message immediately deleted from my list – may sound absurd, but believe it or not, it’s happened to me twice over the past year! Imagine an e-mail where the person contacting me with hopes for an interview claims he/she has done research on many companies and is most impressed with mine. They say we are not only a great place to work, but a place that is ideally suited for their skills like no other company around. So far so good, right? Then imagine how I feel when I notice that the applicant has sent it to the heads of three other companies when they sent it to me! So all four of our companies are the only place where you are a perfect fit? This may sound harsh, but my conclusion is that you must be an idiot if you think we wouldn’t notice that.

The Suggestion: I would think it would be pretty obvious that even if you are telling all the companies you contact that they are the only company for you, you don’t copy them on the same introductory e-mail. Duh. But I promise you that I have gotten several of these. What were they thinking?!