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How To Make a Great Impression AFTER a Job Interview

Getting and acing a job interview are often viewed as the final destination/goal of the job seeker. But as this article nicely points out, there’s still a lot you can do AFTER the interview. I agree with the writer – as a job seeker, this is an empowering opportunity to take the bull by the horns. Instead of waiting and waiting for a call, become active and in a nice way continue to reach out until they give you a flat out YES or NO.

There are just too many job seekers out there to take a passive approach. The key is to always remain grateful. Your tone should never be desperate or that of the victim. Comments like “Why aren’t you calling me? I’ve left numerous calls and e-mails without a response…” are not the way to get a response.

As the article suggests, try sending a thank-you note. I recommend making it stand out by including unique design or colors. For example, I had a career coaching client who was focused on targeting organizations that focused on human rights. She most recently had been to Africa to study and research a specific village. When she returned to the states, she began to network. She sent handwritten thank-you letters out to people she networked with, including a picture of the people from the village. Three months later, when she went to visit one of the people she had been networking with, her thank-you card with the picture was sitting up on a desk.  What she found was that people don’t like throwing away pictures, and that every day there was a reminder of their conversation.

Think about how to set yourself apart. What’s your “picture from the village”? Stay active and manage the process so that you don’t fall in to thinking that you are the victim.

Have any of you ever had success by doing something after an interview? What did you do?