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25 Great Companies With 700+ Openings Each

Yes, you read that headline right. At the end of last month, Fortune released a report that the “25 Best Companies To Work For” are in fact looking for more people to work for them.

The companies range in industry, with names including Edward Jones, Cisco, Whole Foods, American Express and Mayo Clinic. As the report points out, the openings come at all levels, too.

Now, the point here isn’t to tell you to go apply for all of those jobs (even though it’s not a bad idea to thoroughly research them for opportunities related to your skills and passions!). The point is that even in terrible economic times, well-organized and operated companies are still succeeding – and these are the kinds of companies you want to work for.

Hold yourself up to high standards, and remember that no matter what “everyone” is saying about the job market, you can still land your dream job.