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Networking Tips Anonymous: Tip #4

Onto the next tip from our secret hiring decision maker:


This is probably the most common mistake I see. I get e-mails all the time that sound very formulaic – in other words, clearly the same e-mail that’s been sent to everyone on the applicant’s list. These e-mails contain no reference to anything my company does, any observations about our company culture, etc. These messages are basically “career networking spam”, where the only thing that’s unique is the address line with my name on it. This sin may not get your e-mail deleted immediately, but it definitely won’t help you get it noticed or remembered.

The Suggestion: Do research on the companies you are contacting and reference something about their mission, vision, values, web site, work they have done – something!!! Show me that you care about my company, not just about a position. Show me that you have the initiative to do some research before contacting me. That’s how to stand out, especially when you are young and just out of school. In my experience, MOST of your competition for the job won’t do this. Be smarter than they are.