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A Sneak Peek at My Interview With Channel 5

This Thursday, the KSDK news team (Channel 5 here in St. Louis) is doing a story about job interviewing, and I’m excited to announce that their interview of yours truly will be a part of the story!

I hope you’ll watch. If the questions they’ve been asking me as a career coach/career counseling resource are any indication, the story will be very enlightening.

One of the things they specifically asked me about was “red flags” that pop up to whoever is conducting the interview. I sent them 10 such red flags – 5 of which I’ll share with you right now, including what each thing says about the person being interviewed:

1.    Not really answering the interview question – no listening skills.
2.    Not being prepared – shows the person may not be reliable.
3.    Asking about money/salary too soon- more concerned about what’s in it for them than what they can give you.
4.    Talking down about other coworkers or employers – they appear defensive or victimized, even though there is often another side to this story.
5.    Arrogance – they could be very judgmental and possibly not easy to work with.

To see the other five, tune into Channel 5 this Thursday night!

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