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Our secret executive hiring decision maker is halfway through his/her series of guest blog posts showcasing insight into what NOT TO DO and what TO DO when trying to get your foot in the door…


Sometimes I find it humorous, other times annoying – when someone sends me an e-mail that goes on at length about their love for none other than themself. What I’m talking about is the kind of message that spells out all the great reasons why you are impressed with your own abilities but never links them to my company. Yeah, I get it. You like you. But it isn’t all about you. Why should I like you, too? Why do I want to give you 30 minutes of my time for an interview?

The Suggestion: Be concise in stating your value to my company. It’s good to be confident – and I don’t want to suggest that you hide your abilities – but just make sure you acknowledge what you think makes our company great and THEN what makes you great for our company.

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