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Over the years, as I’ve served as a Career Coach to both job seekers and those who are employed but simply looking out for their career future by networking, I’ve found the challenge becomes managing all the conversations, follow ups and phone calls to run an effective job marketing campaign.

Sure, LinkedIn serves as a modern day Rolodex, keeping track of your actual contacts. But how do you log your networking status with these contacts?

My solution is as simple as it is effective. I provide my clients with an Excel spreadsheet template, advising them to color code their contacts:

  • Green means you still need to start the networking process with this contact.
  • Yellow means that you have started networking with a contact and still need to follow up on next steps of some sort.
  • Red means you’ve had an effective networking meeting with them and have finished all your follow ups at this time.

It’s that easy!

Of course, there are other tools that can be used to manage networking activity. In fact, I recently came across an article all about it, titled “Networking Like a Pro.”

Do you have any networking tips that have worked well for you? Share them in the comments!