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What To Say When Asked About Weaknesses

It’s a question no one wants to hear, often because they have no idea how to even start answering it: “What are your weaknesses?”

I recently came across this article that reinforces something I tell my Career Coaching and counseling clients – just because they ask you doesn’t mean you have to blurt out the truth!

Sometimes we think that integrity means you have to tell the cold hard facts about every situation you have encountered when asked about your weaknesses or mistakes from your professional past. I never advocate lying, but there is a way to communicate truth without bleeding unnecessary info all over the place. If we did that, all of us would be out of work!

I would add something else to what the writer of the article states. I encourage job seekers to learn to take weakness questions and turn them around. Sometimes it’s as simple as using the phrase, “Here’s what I’ve learned.” A few years ago, I spoke in Chicago to over two hundred CEOs that had lost their jobs. I taught this concept to them and I’m still hearing about how helpful it was to them.

Too many people are trying to memorize 180 answers to 180 questions. Why not make it easy? This is one of 5 categories of questions that led me to develop a set of unique Interview Q&A “playing cards” – it’s a simple tool that makes answering the tough questions more natural.

If you’re interested, you can order the Playing Cards here.

How about you? Any good ideas from past experiences when asked about weaknesses?

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