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It’s been a little while since our secret executive decision maker graced us with their advice – but hey, there’s been a lot to talk about! So without further adieu, here’s Tip #6!


It’s a small thing and we’ve all done it – sent an email that instructed the reader to refer to “the enclosed,” and then forgot to attach the document. So then you send a follow-up “OOPS!” email apologizing for the oversight. It’s one thing when you’re exchanging emails with friends. But when it’s to someone you’re hoping to network with, well, that’s another story! The same thing goes for including a link to your site or portfolio and it doesn’t work.

The Suggestion: When attaching your resume or whatever is helping sell your abilities, slow down and take your time so you avoid this kind of mistake. The extra moment where you go through the mental checklist to make sure your message is REALLY complete is worth it so that you don’t leave room for someone to question whether or not you have your act together – because if they do question it, you’re not going to like the answer!

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  • a habit that I’m currently correcting. But have done it more times than I want to admit. Slowing down my brain really helps.

  • Danie Burrus says:

    One of the best tips I have found and the sequence I use is the following,

    1. Develop the body of the email first
    2. Test any links after you have developed the body
    3. Insert any attachments then check to see if they open and it is the correct document.
    4. Review email
    5. Enter e-mail addresses

    Whay enter email addresses last? It prevents sending of the email if you happen to hit the send button by accident or if you hit the send button and realize you have made a mistake, the email will not be sent.

  • Daniel Burrus says:

    As you can see above I should have put my name in last as I left the “L” off of my first name. Need to work on my own comment, at it also applies to forums, comments etc…

  • Daniel Burrus says:

    One of the best tips I have found and a sequence I have been training myself to use is the following
    1. Develop the body of the email and subject
    2. Test any links in the email
    3. Spell check
    4. Insert any attachments
    5. Check by opening attachment to make sure the it will open, and this will also allow you to make sure it is the correct document.
    7. Review email
    6. Enter email addresses

    Why enter email addresses last? It will prevent the accidental sending of the email in case you hit the send button by accident, It will also prevent the common mistake of seeing you email sent as you realize there is a mistake.