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If you missed Tip #7, it’s because it was exclusively presented in the April edition of CAREEReport. And now, on to Tip #8 from our secret executive hiring decision maker!


Over the years, I’ve received a number of emails from people wanting to be considered for openings that open with how they just completed their last college class and moved to our city and heard about us through a magazine article and then went to our website and noticed that we work on a brand they use all the time and so does their mom and….click.

Now, if I was on my fourth cup of coffee and made it this far I might discover this person has an unusual skill or point-of-view that captures my attention and is a perfect fit with my company. It’s what reporters call “burying the lead.” The lead is almost always going to be the value you bring to the company, not the story of how you found me or what your dog did this morning while you were getting ready or that you mother-in-law used to be my cousin’s college roommate.

The Suggestion: Before writing the email, define your “headline.” What is your biggest selling point and how can you present it in the first few sentences? The rest is fine, but practice the “inverted pyramid.” That just means putting the real meat of your message at the beginning, then what’s next most important, and what’s least important goes last.