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You hear about a job. Maybe it’s better than the one you have now, maybe you’re out of work. Regardless, you’re interested. So you do it: you submit your resume online.

But you don’t hear back immediately. So now what?

Should you email their HR department to make sure they got your resume? Call? Both? And if so, how long should you wait?

My Career Coaching clients have asked me these questions time and time again, and a Wired magazine reader submitted the same questions last month to “Mr. Know It All” (Brendan I. Koerner), Wired’s advice columnist. They specifically wanted to know about the right etiquette – and I agreed with Mr. Know It All’s response.

As Mr. Know It All recommends (as do I), you DO NOT want to bug HR. They’re busy. They get tons of calls and emails every hour, much less every day, and someone who keeps calling and emailing a day or two after submitting their resume will not make a good second impression.

But it’s understandable that you will want to follow up if you’ve been waiting for a little while. And I affirm what Mr. Know It All suggests – an email is the least intrusive way to do just that. As for time, give them at least seven to ten days.

How about you? Have any of you ever had a resume etiquette faux pas?