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Our secret hiring decision maker is back with more insight! We may not all be “writers” out there, but we should still definitely consider tone…


How you communicate in an email is definitely trickier than in person. Written words cannot rely on delivery. They are black and white on a screen, so the reader inserts his or her own reading – and this can be a problem. I’ve seen applicants add one of two mistakes. Either they sound so stiff and businesslike that it feels like they got the messaging out of a “How-To-Write-A-Business-Email” textbook. Or they are too casual, writing things like “Hey man, I saw your website and it looks awesome! What a cool place to work!” That’s probably way too casual for most managers. Remember it isn’t a posting on your friend’s wall and it shouldn’t be treated that way (too bad emails don’t come with a “Like” button).

The Suggestion: You have to hit the happy medium. The goal is to sound approachable and friendly. At this point it’s not about whether I want to work with you for years to come. It’s really about whether or not I want to spend 30 minutes with you in a conference room going over your resume. Make me want to meet you.