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Is "Strength" a Weakness For You in Your Career?

Happy Easter! It’s days like today that we take a moment to stop and appreciate the loved ones in our lives. They’re the people we’re committed to “being there” for.

But sometimes, being “strong” for others can actually be a weakness.

I came across an article titled “A Strong Person Knows How To Be Vulnerable,” that got me thinking a lot about this. Too often, people wait to get help in their career because they’re too worried about being “strong” for their families or in their friends’ eyes. While I understand that we all have personal pride, this can be a very lonely and heavy load to carry.  Carrying burden too long is often the problem with job seekers not putting an A, B or C plan in place, which can spell disaster.  Being strong is also admitting we don’t have all the answers and need a new direction or real professional help.

I actually talked with two different individuals this week who called for career coaching advice and counseling – both of whom waited too long to get help. I had to encourage them to let go of their “ideal scenario” and start figuring out other options, even through it required greater sacrifice and what feels like taking steps backwards. If only they had sought help earlier!

Think about where you are today.  Are you struggling with the fact that you think being strong is doing everything yourself? Could it be that real strength is admitting that you need help?

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  • Donald Nations says:

    Thank you David for posting this. I think what you are saying is very true. It can be very hard to even admit to some of your friends that you are unemployed–let alone admit that you need help with career counseling.

  • David says:

    Thanks, Donald. You’re so right – it’s a very hard thing to admit. Doing so makes you even stronger!