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I was very honored to be quoted in Jim Gallagher‘s column today (see it here at stltoday.com), titled “Burnt-out workers biding time.”

It’s a very interesting piece that’s based around an of-the-moment statistic: per a MetLife study, 1 in 3 employees hopes to be working elsewhere in the next 12 months.

It’s a startling statistic, but it makes sense. The recession hasn’t just effected those who are out of work – it’s impacting those in the workplace, too. From lack of salary increases to extra responsibilities due to cutbacks, employees have reasons to be dissatisfied.

In the column, Mr. Gallagher digs into my four reasons that employees get trapped in their current jobs. You can read more about all four reasons and get in-depth insight into each in my book, From Cornered To Corner Office (available here).

My thanks to Jim Gallagher and company for their coverage of such a topical, relevant story that’s going on in the marketplace!