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It’s no secret that I think NETWORKING IS KEY in finding the career you really want. And if you’ve ever read this blog, you know I think LINKEDIN IS KEY in modern day networking.

Which is why you need to make sure you’re using Linkedin the right way.

I stumbled upon a blog post titled “Linkedin: 4 Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making” that I found very insightful. Now, I’m not so sure that you’re probably making these mistakes. But as a Career Coach, I’ve seen these mistakes made more often than they should be.

The 4 mistakes include having a vague headline, maintaining a passive profile, not trying new tools and networking only when you need something.

If any of those raise a red flag for you, definitely read the post right now!

Have you made any mistakes on Linkedin that you regret? What were they, and what would you have done better?

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  • Patty says:

    Do you feel it is best to post your Resume, or only send it if you find a job you would want to apply?

  • David Hults says:

    When using LinkedIn I think it’s wise to post your resume so that others can find you, However if you are talking about a job opening that you found. The first thing I would do and try and find someone you have networked with already and see if they would be a connection/advocate for you by walking your resume into the hiring manager. You still might have to send your resume in or apply online but the first step is always to use your network.