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We’ve arrived – the final tip from our secret hiring decision maker! I appreciate his/her (sorry, this is staying anonymous!) thoughts and input as a special guest blogger. This one, just like the rest, is something I hope you really grasp and adopt.


“I saw your picture on the website and said, ‘Hey, he looks handsome and friendly. I bet that’s a good place to work.’ By the way, nice tie!” This doesn’t happen too often (darn!), but I have had a few people get too familiar with me way too soon. It doesn’t have to be flattery, either. It may be sharing too many details of your own life or observations about me. For instance, even if you have talked to twenty people about what I’m like as a boss, don’t share all the details with me. There is a danger that I will feel like I’m talking to someone with some stalker tendencies!

The Suggestion: Remember that we don’t know each other. Think of it as a first date – you don’t share everything you know or feel right away. Remain businesslike and give the recipient room and time to breathe.