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We talk about networking on this blog all the time. We discuss Linkedin, networking through friends and family, networking associations, etc.

But what if you’re a networking newbie?

I usually jump into networking insights on the blog assuming you’re already networking. But if you’re not, I recommend you check out this Washington Post article that covers the do’s and don’ts of networking. It’s a very good intro for anyone wanting to know where to get started.

And I frequently work with clients who are new to networking, as well. Don’t think you need to have a certain amount of experience or knowledge as a prerequisite to work with a Career Coach/Career Counselor. That’s my JOB – to help you know how to better build and leverage your network!

Do you remember when you first started networking? Any tips or pointers for someone who’s just starting out?

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  • Nancy Shoup says:

    This is a great article on networking and it is so true. My current job I found through networking. It is really who you know and all about building relationships.

  • Barb Wood says:

    Thanks David. I found the article helpful.

  • David says:

    Thank YOU Barb and Nancy. I appreciate your thoughts.