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Hidden Weakness Questions in an Interview

Last March, I did a post about what you should say when asked about weaknesses. After all, this is something that does come up in interviews quite often.

In that post, I talked about how job seekers should take weakness questions and turn them around. Sometimes it’s as simple as using the phrase, “Here’s what I’ve learned” and going from there.

But sometimes weakness questions can be masked. The interviewer doesn’t always say, “Tell me about your weaknesses.” They often say something like “Tell me about a project you didn’t deliver on time,” or “Describe your biggest personal challenge with day-to-day project work.” These are hidden weakness questions, and several of my career coaching clients have experienced them. The interviewer is using a round about way to get you talking about times when your performance hasn’t been up to par.

You can still turn these questions around (check out the previous post for more insight into how to do just that) – but you FIRST must recognize that they are in fact hidden weakness questions.

Have any of you ever been asked a hidden weakness question? What was it?

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  • David says:

    It’s important that you don’t give a two week notice until everything is clear. The company making the offer needs to take extra steps and get your background check done before you can give a two week notice.