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Based on some of the feedback from my last post, I thought it would be worthwhile going a little deeper into what you should try to achieve through a phone interview.

First, off, for those of you who HAVEN’T had to do a phone interview, this kind of interview is often a quick evaluation (most often done by HR) to see if you have the basics in place to be considered for a first interview.

As for how you should approach a phone interview, think in sound bites, not long, drawn out stories/examples.  Focus on answering the question and ask if your answer was satisfactory – and what they were looking for.

Most people blow the interview in this stage because the real skill here is actually LISTENING.

What is the interviewer really wanting to know?  Being the older brother of two sisters, I learned about listing and asking questions. I often remember having conflicts with my sisters growing up. They would get upset because, as they put it, I wasn’t listening. You see, I was being too black and white with statements/complaints they were hurling at me. If a wife says, “ You never buy me flowers!”, it would be wrong for the husband to turn around and give her the money for flowers, right? What is she really saying?  Learning to decode messages is a major key to interviewing!  What she’s really saying is, “I don’t feel appreciated and would like some attention.” The same thing goes for interviewing!

Here are some examples of interview questions you need to make sure to listen for and decode.

1.    What’s your leadership style?
2.    Tell me about yourself?
3.    What’s your weakness?
4.    Why should I hire you?
5.    What will it take to bring you on board?

In my Interview Q & A cards that I use with Career Coaching clients, I have decoded many of these questions and have identified that there are only 5 types of questions in a behavioral interview.  I’ve also drafted formulas to answer each of these 5 types of questions. The formula helps you decode the question and helps you put your interview into nice sound bites. Learn more about the interview cards here.

Any other questions about phone interviews? Send ’em my way!